Prevention is
Better than Cure

Hi, I’m Momina, certified Thermographer and licensed Consultant Pharmacist.
At Thermography One, we emphasize the importance of prevention and early detection before a serious problem occurs, like cancer. We firmly believe that prevention is better than a cure, and use this principle to help you lead your life with optimal health and wellness.

Momina Karapetyan, RPH is an ACCT Certified Clinical Thermographer, through The American College of Clinical Thermography and licensed Consultant Pharmacist.

As a healthcare provider in pharmacy for over 22 years, she has the privilege of working with a wide physician base and counsels hundreds of patients through a combination of medication management therapy, nutritional and supplemental healing. As a result, her passion for helping others achieve optimal health grew. After six years of getting thermography done herself and realizing the great value of it, she completed her certification and opened Thermography One.

Momina is an active community member in the city of Boca Raton, Florida where she delivers health and wellness presentations with a focus on toxins and whole organic food. When she is not helping others on their journey towards optimal health, Momina loves spending time with her husband and 6 children.

What is

Thermography, also known as Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging (DITI), is a state of the art clinical test used to detect and record images of the body’s heat. Thermography detects increased temperature on the skin which is caused by an increased flow of blood.

The increased blood flow is caused by inflammation, which can indicate infection, disease or the growth of a tumor.

Thermography is both accurate and precise enough to capture subtle abnormal changes in cellular and tissue function, and increased blood flow caused by inflammation, infection and disease, all in real time.

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Thermography is a simple, inexpensive, painless, non-invasive, radiation free, cancer and disease detector.

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Average Growth Rate of
Breast Cancer Tumor

Cancer cells double in number on average every 90 days.

8 Years

Source: Buchanan JB, et al. Tumor growth, doubling times, and inability of the radiologist to diagnose certain cancers. Radiol Clin N Am. 1983;21:115-26

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Full Body

A full body screening is recommended at least once a year starting at age twenty. With thermography you can monitor yourself by seeing changes in real time on your scan. You are seeing the inflammation which is a precursor to cancer and other diseases. Below are conditions may be revealed by doing a full body scan or a scan of a particular section of concern. The full body scan is usually recommended to reveal the whole story about overall possible health challenges.

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It is better to examine your health early. Prevention is better than cure.